Investor Approach of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

Investor Approach of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

  • Fact Find
  • Rigorous Risk Assessment
  • Risk Discussion
  • Tailored Asset Allocation`

Fund Selection Review, Reporting and Rebalancing

The process of investing begins with establishing our customers’ needs, goals and expectations.Premier Capital Group evaluates our clients’ risk tolerance to enable us to design the suitable options to meet their objectives with as much precision as possible. Clients need to fully comprehend what their level of risk signifies and whether it genuinely satisfies their real attitude toward financial risk and possibilities of wealth loss. For any particular degree of risk involved, our portfolio-building process creates risk-sensitive asset distribution aimed at delivering optimum gains. Premier Capital Group can provide our clients access to numerous funds from the top fund managers in the industry and choice investment products to house those funds. We conduct regular assessment of the investment and performance phase and rebalance portfolios to address the changing needs as well as long-term clients’ expectations.

We offer three alternatives to managing clients’ funds which have been invested, namely:

Premier Capital Group Portfolio:

According to your own risk tolerance level, a generic pre-approved portfolio will be designed and managed on a passive-investment scheme.


According to your risk tolerance level, a personalized portfolio will be built from a pre-chosen list of assets and monitored on an ongoing dynamic basis.

Full Discretionary Outsourced:

According to your risk-tolerance level, a personalized portfolio will be built from each pertinent asset and monitored dynamically on a regular scheme. This is then outsourced to a highly recommended investment management firm or qualified portfolio manager.